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Locating Resources for Homeschooling.

Finding the resources for your homeschool is bound to be a very complicated and a difficult task especially if you are not satisfied with buying a single program or curriculum; and wish to avail of material provided by different entities and institutions so as to have a broader spectrum of curricula with a view to drawing the best of a combination of programs for the greater benefit of your children’s schooling.

Compared to buying a single comprehensive course, trying to obtain a collection could be quite costly; and in order to operate within a reasonable budget, you may have to go for slightly older versions of used and secondhand books in respect of supplementary programs while you may buy the latest updated versions available in respect of your main program of studies.

You can start looking for necessary reading material from the local library where they would have the latest versions for lending purposes and older versions for sale at discounted prices. They would also have a vast collection brochures that give a lot of relevant resources and their suppliers’ contact information. Once their main purpose is done, they provide attractive cut and paste material for your kids. More than the school textbooks for educative purposes of your children, it would be pertinent to borrow or buy a few books that explain how to run a homeschool effectively; including related matters like how to keep yourself fit and healthy, and how to avoid boredom, monotony and conflicts with your children etc. 

You may also reserve your requirements of music CDs, videos and other books etc. well in advance so that you could have a very good collection of possible resources from the inception itself. Schools too dispose of some of their old or nearly new library books and equipment including furniture, laboratory equipment and computers to buy new stocks of same.

Buying your children some of these real life items rather than some make-shift tables and chairs from the homefront itself could help boost the morale of your kids and instill in them a love and a pride for learning. Some garage sales and church organized fairs also could yield you some productive items for your homeschool. Remember to do some field trips to museums, science and cultural exhibitions etc. for more resources as well as ideas on homeschooling. A trip to your backyard and a sea beach are also musts for finding a lot of junk and natural materials for handwork and craft projects.

Internet is by far the best location for finding most of your resources including programs of study plans, including some websites that offer them free. You may also sign up to receive free relevant newsletters that also could be a rich source of supply of updated information and ideas at frequent intervals for running your homeschool in a very effective manner. 

Given below are some very useful websites for obtaining respective products and services as denoted against them:

  • For inclusion of Afrocentric resources into homeschooling curricula - search for Afrocentric HomeSchoolers Association.
  • For online and other regional support groups, chat rooms, discussion boards, mailing lists etc. pertaining to homeschooling – search for Jon’s Homeschool Resources.
  • For advice on making lessons motivational; and supplying poems and stories for children – search for Magic Lark learning. 
  • For further resources for parents – HomeSchool Mum.com

Apart from some search criteria given above for accessing websites for some purposes, there is a plethora of websites on homeschooling for supplying you with an abundance of information and ideas for the parents trying hard to provide their children with the best of homeschooling opportunities.

Free Ebook Download!

Give Your Child The Education They Deserve
 Right From Your Home, Teach Them More
Than High Paying Private Schools Do!

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