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Finding Support for Your Homeschooling

At the time of starting homeschooling for your kids, you may be so motivated by what is best for your children so that how you are going to survive with such an additional workload and responsibility on your shoulders over many years until all your children complete their schooling courses, may not come into the equation.

It is inevitable that sooner or later some frustrations, burnout, and even ill health may begin to set in as time goes by. If you were to discuss these problems even with your friends who are continuing to send their children to traditional schools, they might not be understanding or sympathetic; blaming you for your alleged shortsightedness! So you need someone of your own clan to get advice and sympathy you need. But where could you find the necessary support?  

Homeschooling has enjoyed legal status for over the last quarter century in all the 50 states in US although to varying degrees; prior to which parents faced jail sentences for not sending children to schools or for withdrawing them from schools. In the present scenario in some states, homeschoolers are required to get their lesson plans or curricula approved while states such as Texas only require some specified subjects to be covered. In the states of Massachusetts and Rhode Island, parents need to obtain prior approval for homeschooling; while yet some other states require the homeschooling education to be supervised by a credentialed teacher.

In Texas, California & Indiana, homeschools are treated as non-accredited private schools. In the state of California, homeschools also have to conform to the same curricula as public schools, or have a credentialed tutor. More than 50% of the states do not require any form of assessments or tests. A few states require the homeschoolers to submit to standardized tests while others give a freehand to the parents to submit assessments. In Florida, a homeschooler cannot claim graduation even after completion of 12 years of studies although there are no restrictions placed on entry to the State’s colleges and universities.

So the good news is that houseschooling is being increasingly recognised as a feasible alternative to institutionalized education. Despite these current trends favoring homeschooling, there are still some people who will be skeptical and scoff at your idea of homeschooling your children. In order to find more acceptance and to socialize with adults with whom you can share your interests, acievements, frustrations and concerns, you may form a supportive group or an association comprising of other homeschooling parents in your area. There may be already one or more in your area which a few enquiries and advertisements may easily reveal; or you may initialize one by placing a few advertisements in appropriate media. Additionally, you may join online forums, get membership for receiving newsletters from homeschooling organizations and other similar websites, participate in discussion groups,  where while contributing from your knowledge and experience to others, you could find quick solutions to your problems too. In this regard, you will find Learninfreedom.org with many useful links a rich source of information and new possibilities. Your increased participation with the outside world with opportunities for socializing they offer, will wipe off the drabness and monotony out of your new role as parent-teacher to your own children. You will start feeling better and more enthusiastic about your work in the homeschool and feel refreshed and invigorated for facing up to hard work day after another.

Here are a few more websites just a click away to get help and support when you are facing problems and needing support:

  • HomeSchool Association of California; (888) 472-4440; www.hsc.org


  • Homeschooling Information and Resource pages: information, news, and support www.home-ed-press.com
  • “Growing Without Schooling”

try holtgws.com/ for colleges and the universities that have taken home-schoolers; and  try http://learninfreedom.org/ for useful tips on admission.

Free Ebook Download!

Give Your Child The Education They Deserve
 Right From Your Home, Teach Them More
Than High Paying Private Schools Do!

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