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What is Your Philosophy on Education?

In deciding to proceed with homeschooling for your child, you are rejecting the prevailing public system of education, which is by far the most widely used in the US. This is an indication that you have a definite vision with regard to your child’s education.

Your vision or philosophy may be something that has roots to your experiences of your own schooldays. If you are quite clear on what your philosophy on education is, it is well and good because there are different systems of learning to suit different philosophies. However, even if you are confused about your vision, it would find expression in the methods you finally select for your child. First get to know the vast range  of possible methods that you could successfully use for your homeschooling.

It could be that the disheartening news we get so often of current trends in public schools added to the possible far from happy memories you carry of your own schooldays had prompted your decision to homeschool your children to provide them with a happier present and a brighter future. However, within homeschooling itself, there are many deviations to weigh and assess before you decide on the curriculum for your children to pursue.

Would your philosophy be something close to that of well-known Charlotte Mason philosophy of “unschooling”? It is a very rebellious bold new approach to learning that “undoes” all the norms of education we are accustomed to. The child is given freedom in deciding whether to study, what to study or not study at all, and is not pressurized for achievement or performance on any area that does not interest him. Are you skeptical how such a system could ever be beneficial to a child’s education? But the facts are stubborn and it has proved to be a roaring success for homeschooling.

This philosophy is based on some principles like education is not forcing facts and figures on a child but breeding in the child, a love to learn; that children by nature are willing learners and it is our forcing that kill their enthusiasm; and that when children are encouraged to learn what they really like, they show an extraordinary high percentage of retention. Further, this philosophy aims at eliminating boredom, resistance, frustration and quick burnout for children and parents alike.

Students who are bright and eager above average do very well under this philosophy while this may not be very successful with children that are less inclined academically; and who are hard to be motivated. This is a very good system for breeding specialists in their respective areasspheres of love including very rare areas of specialization such as untraditional cooking, recycling and optimizing uses of waste products, using free natural resources for generation of power, boat building etc., since they can concentrate on specific areas of their liking unlike in a stereo type system of education.  Try to avail of more interesting facts on this very interesting philosophy from the internet.

If you are still undecided on your philosophy on education, and how best to start a homeschool that could take you and your children along happily over a long time without causing boredom and burnout, you might find a lot of useful ideas and information on several methods practiced successfully worldwide from the book tiled “The Parents’ Guide to Alternatives in Education” by Ronald Koetzsch, Ph.D.

You would find many systems that are compatible with your philosophy; from which you may select one that suits and benefits your family setup.

Free Ebook Download!

Give Your Child The Education They Deserve
 Right From Your Home, Teach Them More
Than High Paying Private Schools Do!

Just enter your name and email address and I'll send you the ebook instantly!!



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