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Best Homeschool Curriculum - Selecting the Best Curriculum for Homeschooling

In deciding to homeschool your children, you have taken a big responsibility upon yourself. If it turns out to be a total failure you will be answerable one day to your children for having deprived them of their right to receive a reasonably good education.

Now that you have taken the first step by possibly pulling out one or more of your children from a public school, you will have to go ahead with the other steps too to make the school complete and a fruitful one for them.

The first item on your list would be the curriculum. There are many different school curriculums written for homeschooling children from which you should strive to select one that suits your children best. Let us have a look at some of the places and types of curriculums available so as to save you considerable time and expense of searching.

What is the theme or the type of curriculum you would like to get? Would you like to have the same curriculum as taught in public schools; or something conservative and similar; or would you like something radical like Charlotte Mason’s “unschooling” type? Perhaps you may like to go for something orderly and systematic like programs put out by Christian Textbook Manufacturers, Bob Jones, A. Beka etc. Their curriculums are very reassuring, especially for beginners to homeschooling, including their teachers. The way in which the programs are arranged and presented makes one confident that these curriculums are complete works with nothing missing in between.

There are yet some others who like to dig stuff of a supplementary nature rather than mere conservative textbook stuff. They like something to enrich theirr literary and cultural inclinations and give more depth to the education and personality like classical woks from philosophers, historians, poets and authors of repute.

Most parents seem to like programs written especially for homeschooling children by some County Offices of Education. A highlight of these programs is where teachers and children (including those studying through independent programs) meet frequently to discuss the lessons that have been already covered.

If you search the internet, you could find several sites that offer various types of curriculums to serve varying aspects of homeschooling. In this regard, about.com is a site from where you can get a curriculum tailor made for each state according to US requirements. You may also try the following website for more programs for homeschooling: http://homeschooling.about.com/education/homeschooling/cs/canabsg/. If you are interested in the programs of “School of Hope”, their website is https://www.schoolofhope.og/.

Homeschooling parents who wish also to be guided by the opinions of others who have already used some of these programs, you can see a lot of reviews and other useful information at www.electichomeschool.org/. It also provides many valuable links to other sites that give similar information.

Another site where you could find not only educational software, but also get everything added and put in place including lesson plans is FREEHomeschoolSoftware.com. You can obtain the complete setup for around $ 30 to 50 from any amazon.com stores; lthough you would be able to obtain same free or with a substantial discount from its original website stated above.

www.3Moms.com is a very useful site with a big welcome difference for those contemplating starting or switching over to homeschooling. Unlike any other website, this site affords you opportunities to test samples of various curriculums before deciding on which curriculum to buy. You should do this testing part of it in the presence of your child or children to see which programs make their eyes light up and faces beam with smiles of approval. When that happens, you would know which one is the right one for him. Education is most effective when it is imparted to a recipient mixed with fun and characteristics that arouse their eagerness to learn more on it. That is what education should be; and not a dose of bitter medicine to be forced down their little throats! 

Free Ebook Download!

Give Your Child The Education They Deserve
 Right From Your Home, Teach Them More
Than High Paying Private Schools Do!

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