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Advantages and Disadvantages of Home Schooling - Is Home Schooling Bad For Children?

You may be having many reasons to seriously consider home schooling your children, although you cannot be sure whether it is the right decision to take since it involves taking certain irreversible steps that greatly affect your children’s lives. We give below a few hints under Advantages and Disadvantages to make your lot easier in arriving at a firm and confident decision.


  • You could protect your children from being influenced by bad manners and behavioral patterns that are becoming increasingly rampant in public schools; and make them learn only what you wish them to learn. 
  • You need not be frequently spending your time and money on wasteful trips and other entertainments organized by the school.
  • You could prevent your children from consuming unhealthy food from the school canteen.
  • Your children need not waste their valuable time by having to participate in activities and learn subjects they don’t like.
  • They need not be bullied hereafter. They need not wake up very early in the morning to catch a bus to go to school on time.
  • They won’t be too tired or worn out hereafter.
  • They will not catch various contagious diseases from studying amidst a lot of other students.
  • To let their character develop naturally uninfluenced by the general pattern in the school or their peers.
  • A need to achieve will not be forced down their throats especially during times of competitive examinations.
  • To let your children enjoy the free gift of time to re-discover themselves and to find out what they are actually interested in and what they are out to achieve; and to provide them with enough time to play and to daydream that is such an important aspect of the growing up process
  • Many of our past eminent statesmen were home schooled and obtained their education outside the traditional government schooling system.


  • Special efforts will be needed to make already shy children get over their shyness.
  • Because most home schooling children learn during a shorter period of around 5 hours, they will find adjustment to a strenuous seven-hour working day while being employed, difficult.
  • It may not be possible for the parent (the mother) to teach the older children properly while attending to the baby pre-schoolers too simultaneously.
  • The schooling children may find it very distracting to concentrate on their projects with a toddler also in their midst who could be destructive too.
  • Will the education they receive in a home schooling system without any proper teachers too be good enough to secure and hold a decent job one day when thy are adults?
  • Strict disciplinary measures should be enforced to ensure that the children adhere to the scheduled study hours. If not, they could easily be tempted to while away that time playing computer games, watching TV, talking, playing, or even fighting among themselves unless the teacher (most probably you) is constantly behind them during those few critical hours, daily.
  • A big disadvantage of home schooling is that some colleges do not accept applications from home-schooled children for higher studies later on.
  • Children will lose making trips arranged by schools to places of cultural and historical interest etc., unless the parents can compensate by taking them out on tours of educative and cultural value; which would cost a big amount anyway.
  • The mother will have very little or no time at all; or be completely tired out to pursue any interests of her own after attending to the children’s schooling as well in addition to their general needs.
  • If you have to hire a tutor, that cost would be much higher than what you have to pay as school fees plus traveling.

Having read all the advantages and disadvantages of home schooling above, we hope that you could now take a final decision with the full confidence that you are taking the correct decision, whatever it may be.

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 Right From Your Home, Teach Them More
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