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Homeschooling Ideas for Projects for the Home Schooled Children

Projects form an integral part of the practical education of a home-schooled child. A project is an innovative piece of art and it is something highly satisfying and inspirational to its creator.

But most of all it’s a way of learning with enjoyment; whether the project involves building a ceremonial guard at Buckingham Palace using matchsticks and red and black ribbons or a model of the Titanic using paper-mache, and cardboard with black cartridge paper.

No limitations exist to the number or types of projects that may be designed as long as their imagination works overtime. When the imagination fails to respond to your pleas for more ideas, to whom can you turn to for help?

Internet is something that very seldom fails to provide you with information and ideas for any requirements A visit to the local library could also fetch you some good ideas though not as quickly and effortlessly as from the internet. Some “how to” books could also give you some good ideas. Purchasing books could be costly if you have to buy for all your kids with a wide range in age. However, it would be a useful long-term investment since you would only have to buy for the eldest, thereafter; while the ones already purchased can be re-used by the younger ones as they come up in age.

Used and old encyclopedias, books and magazines that can be picked up at bargain prices from used books stores, garage sales and car-boot sales would be rich sources of ideas for more projects. Old encyclopedias and magazines provide ideal material for useful cutouts.

Kinaesthetic children give expression to what they learn through the objects they make. There are projects that can be done at low cost by obtaining all the raw material from plants in our gardens. Very young children can be asked to make various shapes by simply dropping some leaves and petals of flowers over a sheet of paper. You can then convert it to a wrapping paper if you put those petals and leaves on the shiny surface of a greaseproof paper.

Next, cover the leaves with another greaseproof paper placed over them with the shiny side facing down so that the two shiny surfaces of the greaseproof papers kiss each other and perfectly overlap while not disturbing the leaves and petals from their originally placed positions. Now iron the top paper when the two greaseproof papers will fuse together embedding the leaves and preserving them with their colors over a very long period.

There are many other free natural items like play dough, pebbles, shells, different colors of earth, sand, sticks, barks of trees that you can collect from a visit to your back yard and the beach that make wonderful raw material for very effective, yet simple and inexpensive projects. In collecting such items that are freely available in nature you may make a schedule of the items giving the location from which they were found, which in itself would be another project that would be of use to you for future projects as well as for others who run blank on ideas of not only what to look for, but also as to where to find them.

Don’t throw away any empty cans or cartons until your home schooling comes to an end because you never know when all sorts of junk items are needed to prop up your children’s projects! Teach them to make their own glue, other pasting materials and paints at home. Once you have these in stock, let the children go to work on them. Initially they may come up with crude creations, but it is amazing and gratifying to observe how soon they improve from one project to the next to come up with brilliant masterpieces. Keep ample stocks of these free raw materials handy so that your children could develop and improve their creativity skills by heaps and bounds during a very short time

Free Ebook Download!

Give Your Child The Education They Deserve
 Right From Your Home, Teach Them More
Than High Paying Private Schools Do!

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