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Home Schooled Children, and Ideas for Physical Education

Some people carry a notion that home schooling is something inferior, derogatory or sissy, and imagine that children home schooling are weaklings or inactive children who juast stay indoors poring over books and magazines and playing with toys and indoor games; but never indulging in physical games or activities or mixing up with friends.

So, they say that children home schooling do not get sufficient physical exercise! But nothing could be further from the truth. Unlike their counterparts attending public schools who leave home early in the morning and return around mid afternoon quite exhausted, most home schooling children finish their studies before lunch time and they are free thereafter bursting with energy and ready to go; when their counterparts are thinking of hitting the pillow for some rest and relief from stress as soon as they return home!

These home schooling children somehow find other home schooling children in their neighborhood and manage to have a merry time playing and running about, and cycling or going to the park to find more friends to play with. Thus, most of the home schooling children with a lot of free time on their hands manage to get a lot of physical exercise and socializing with other children contrary to popular misconceptions.

There are of course a few home schooling children who are not all that lucky. For one thing, there may not be any other home schooling children in the vicinity; they may not be having a big garden for playing any games and even the closest park may be too far off for going on a daily basis. Even then, there is nothing to prevent the home schooling children from becoming friendly with neighboring public schooling children to play with in the evenings. 

With regard to home schooling children handicapped by a lack of garden space for playing, they could team up with others similarly affected children in the area to form two teams each for playing soccer, volleyball, football, basketball, tennis etc. so that they can have competitive matches amongst themselves. They would of course have to go to a park for big team games like soccer and football and hire courts for games like tennis, volleyball and basketball by booking several weeks in advance. The other alternative is for those bent on these “courts” games to join a local club offering such facilities.

Your children may decide whether to have the sport as recreational or competitive and frame the vision of their club or association accordingly.

You can explore the possibilities of hiring a nearby school grounds or hiring indoor halls for some of their activities. The hiring expenses alone could come to a big amount apart from cost of balls, racquets, nets, other equipment and any special clothing etc., all of which will have to be covered with a once and for all registration fee and annual or monthly membership fees.

With regard to coaching you would have to seek the help of professionals on a friendly basis or for a fee; besides buying some books and training videos that can be had from the website http://www.sykos.com/coach.htm

Once your teams are well set after home and home practice matches over a couple of years, you may get bold to challenge some school teams in the area for competitive matches. You need not be discouraged if beaten by some of these experienced and stronger teams. What is more important is the exposure, experience, learning and the competitiveness that your children obtain.
Besides the team sports which is very good for your children’s character and team spirit building, they may also be encouraged to enroll for gym and swimming classes as well. Sports activities, apart from providing physical exercise, help enhance your social skills.

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Give Your Child The Education They Deserve
 Right From Your Home, Teach Them More
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