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Requirments For Home Schooling - Getting Your Home Organized for Home Schooling

When you decide on home schooling for your kids, you have to convert some part of your home to a micro classroom where they will not be distracted.

You will have to also decide on the type of education to be imparted; that is if it is to be a copy of the government curriculum taught in traditional schools; or whether to experiment with some revolutionary type of practical education for at least one of your kids, like the “unschooling method of Charlotte Mason fame where the child seeks a useful path of learning in keeping with his talents, interests and preferences.

Irrespective of the type of education, the first priority will be organizing a small space for the micro classroom. Any place inside the house with a direct view of the road is taboo since the children are subject to frequent distractions from vehicles and passersby. Sitting room area too is not a good choice where they could be disturbed by visitors and the TV. A visitors’ room, an office room or a utility/storeroom (if you had one) should be ideal with minimum rearrangement of furniture.  Any existing beds will have to be completely dismantled for beds could be counterproductive. Any other area would do; to partition to take just enough room to squeeze in a small or medium sized table with some chairs depending on the number of children. You need not use any boards for partitioning, but a makeshift re-arrangement with the existing furniture could create an effective partitioning of classroom.  

Precluding the children from possible distractions is not enough. It should be a place they would be happy to come and sit down every morning for a continuous four to five hours of concentrated studies. Their classroom should turn out to be a place of comfort and dignity (an attic or a cellar won’t do!). In fact it would be better if the area chosen is decorated with some hung paintings and at least a flower pot or a vase of fresh flowers and a small cupboard with partitions to keep their books and stationery. If the space permits and if the area is with walls on at least two sides, the children may be allowed to hang charts, maps and posters etc. related to their studies. Good ventilation should also be ensured and small breaks may be allowed between breakfast and lunch and again for tea in the evening (where applicable) and refreshments served on Mama’s account. If still the children are small, they may love to get a glimpse of the Mama while still at her chores, in which case an area near the pantry could be partitioned off for the classroom. Never make the mistake of selecting a bedroom or a room with beds or cozy sofas for the study room even with adjustments and rearrangements.

Mornings are generally the best time for home schooling; firstly because your mind is refreshed and the body is not yet tired out; and secondly because by finishing the children’s study sessions in the morning hours itself, you can reserve adequate time in the afternoon/evening for their sports and extracurricular activities by sending them to a nearby park or a club. This aspect is equally important for their physical fitness and prowess and development of character and personality.

You should try to finish your daily cooking, cleaning and washing chores as early as possible to be with the children in their classroom for supervision in addition to taking the lessons of the still very young (if any). Your friends should be alerted of your new role in the mornings on weekdays and that you cannot engage in long chit chats as before; except for something urgent and essential.

Free Ebook Download!

Give Your Child The Education They Deserve
 Right From Your Home, Teach Them More
Than High Paying Private Schools Do!

Just enter your name and email address and I'll send you the ebook instantly!!



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