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Spicing up Home Schooling with Socializing

Some people criticize home schooling stating that it is not conducive to a child’s social and interactive attributes; and that such children tend to be nervous and frequently withdrawing into their shells.

If this is true, then it is a matter of great concern for parents who are already home schooling their children and others who are contemplating. But are children attending traditional schools establishing quick and natural friendships any better than their home-schooled counterparts do?
The proponents of home schooling on the other hand argue that due to a child spending more time with its family, begin to value family life, learns to respect their parents and elders and are happier and loving and kind hearted towards others. They also argue that the increased exposure that the home schooling children get to their parental influence make them get along with adults with ease and confidence, which is a very important attribute for any child to possess; since they have to ultimately step into a world dominated by adults.

Some people say home schooling children are imprisoned and have little exposure to the world outside; though research studies conducted by the Stanford University indicate hat 98% of them are highly involved in sports and extra curricular activities away from their homes, and that they score high points in areas of achievements, behavioral patterns and social awareness.

This is excellent news for all who support home schooling. Don’t hesitate to get your children enrolled as members of nearby clubs with opportunities to participate in sports activities like swimming, tennis, and team games like soccer, baseball, and send them to appropriate classes for training and participating in activities like music, dancing, drama, chess etc. Children home schooled have the advantage of having more time on their hands as already seen above.

We should be clear on what socializing implies in the case of school children. Children going to traditional schools, sure enough, spend around eight hours in the company of about thirty classmates. During most of this time, they are highly involved with learning and have hardly any time for socializing. The children who stay after school for sports practices of course have more opportunities for socializing, though it may be limited to a maximum of two hours. A good part of their time is spent on traveling.

Most of the home schooling children finish their studies by lunchtime and they easily have three to four hours of playtime and socializing with other children and adults at local clubs or parks. Their learning also happens in the company of their parents, a relation or an adult family friend at random and they get used to exchanging ideas freely with adults in a cordial atmosphere.

Further, they develop better family ties and loyalties. Thus, it is seen that contrary to popular misconceptions, home schooling children have more opportunities for socializing than their counterparts in traditional schools. They don’t have to travel much and stay refreshed right through the day.
Outgoing schoolchildren often return home tired and irritated and typically jump on to their beds and close their room doors immediately on return. This is an indication of their wish to be left alone; which is a feeling that springs from their physical and mental exhaustion and the extent of stress they undergo by being surrounded by a lot of people while traveling and in the classroom, though not socializing.

If parents of home schooling children don’t confine their children to only studies at home and arrange to send them out for sports activities under close supervision of course, and to nearby places, then you can put your mind at ease with regard to unfounded and baseless apprehensions like “social deprivations of children home schooled” etc. expressed by certain quarters. The researched findings of the Stanford University quoted above cannot lie! 

Free Ebook Download!

Give Your Child The Education They Deserve
 Right From Your Home, Teach Them More
Than High Paying Private Schools Do!

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