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Homeschooling and Grace Academy

Homeschooling and Grace Academy go hand in hand if you are a Christian home school and want an all inclusive, interactive, online homeschooling experience for your child.

This is not without cost. Grace Academy is less expensive than many private schools, however normal tuition as of the 2007-2008 school year is $2199.00. This is something to consider if you are homeschooling as it is expensive.

Grace Academy offers the homeschool family 180 days of school. Some states require that homeschoolers provide 180 days of instruction others do not.

Be sure to find out what your state requires before you start to homeschool as regulations vary greatly from state to state. Why choose homeschooling and Grace Academy? Grace Academy has been around for a long time. They are a nationally accredited private school.

This is important, especially in high school because many scholarships and many colleges require that you have a diploma from an accredited school. Most homeschools are not accredited due to the fact that accreditation takes a lot of time and effort which would be unnecessary in a home environment.

Grace Academy offers K-12 courses. As your child reaches middle and high school, the subject matter gets more difficult and requirements for high school graduation in your state must be met.

Grace Academy offers a parent the ability to teach their children the subject matter required but with a Christian world view. It is a bible based curriculum and those who find evolution objectionable will love the science material offered here.

Another reason to choose homeschooling and Grace Academy is convenience. This is an all in one curriculum. As a parent you just have to administer the lesson plans. The curriculum is already prepared for you and there are online teachers and advisors available to help.

As a parent this takes a lot of pressure off of you as everything including text books is included. There are downfalls to selecting this type of homeschooling. In some states, this is considered a private school and not a homeschool. North Carolina is one of those states.

You would not be entitled to many homeschool discounts at certain retailers because your children are considered to be enrolled in a private school. Then there is cost. At $2199 per student it can get very expensive if you have more than 1 child to homeschool.

If you have 5 children, you are looking at tuition costs of over $10,000 a year if you choose homeschooling and Grace Academy. Another drawback is their curriculum. Not all Christians accept creationism as a correct scientific theory.

All of the subjects taught at Grace Academy are with a conservative Christian biblical world view. This may be too conservative for many. Overall, homeschooling and Grace Academy are a good choice. As a parent you know that you will meet your states guidelines for attendance and for subject matter taught.

As a Christian parent you will know that the world view being presented to you children is agreeable with your religious philosophies. It’s something to consider when homeschooling your child.


Free Ebook Download!

Give Your Child The Education They Deserve
 Right From Your Home, Teach Them More
Than High Paying Private Schools Do!

Just enter your name and email address and I'll send you the ebook instantly!!



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