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Is Home a Good Place for Teaching a Foreign Language?

The entire world is rapidly transforming itself into a global village and we cannot afford to let our children be secluded into a small group without moving forward with the rest of the world as one large society with multicultural, multilingual and multiethnic characteristics. The necessity to learn more than one language and the advantages to be derived by doing so are undisputable. Those who promote home schooling claim that it is the best environment for children to learn additional foreign languages rather than through traditional schooling.  It is the pros and cons of teaching or learning foreign languages in a home environment we are concerned about in this article.

Internet is a rich source with an abundance of material for learning a foreign language quickly and effectively. The traditional methods of education available in schools cannot compete with it, and as such, teaching at home is capable of reaching a higher level of sophistication than with the facilities and resources available i

However, they lack sufficient funds to be continuously replacing and updating technologies that rapidly become outdated if not obsolete. Homes where the number of users is far few when compared to public schools have a distinct advantage in obtaining updates including software at very much more favorable prices due to the big difference in their scales of operations.

You should satisfy yourself that the software really works; and works the way you want before you purchase. Many sellers will display reviews along with their products on their web pages. Additionally, various online forums, and social networking websites could be quite useful in obtaining information with regard to their suitability from any others who had used the relevant software before.

Many successes have been achieved from homes even with regard to learning Latin and Greek, two useful foreign languages that are known to be quite difficult to learn. You don’t have to know a particular language in order to teach your children. There are plenty of teaching CDs and videos available besides books that you can obtain from bookshops, lending libraries etc. Several foreign students come into this country for educational purposes and in connection with religious, cultural, sports, socio-economic, and many other types of projects.

You could insert an advertisement in a suitable media offering free accommodation to such a student from a country of your choice which would give your child a good opportunity to learn and pick-up from that student. If you can afford to send your child abroad for learning a specific language, then that would give your child a great chance to learn that particular language easily and speedily.

Two other possible ways of learning a foreign language from home are to get some movies of the language you wish to learn with sub titles in English, and to watch a sport you enjoy very much with a commentary being given in the foreign language of your choice.

Do not laugh at the child and make him nervous for any mistakes or blunders he commits in trying to pronounce and speak in a foreign language.
Here are two websites that I recommend for those keen on learning French and Spanish respectively:

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Give Your Child The Education They Deserve
 Right From Your Home, Teach Them More
Than High Paying Private Schools Do!

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